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The Vigil was held Thursday evening, June 23rd, 2005 next to the Huntington Beach Pier, at 6:45 p.m. 

June 23rd was my Dad's Birthday, which is why we chose that day for his vigil.  He is now 57 years old.  The 23rd of June was also his 236th day in captivity as a hostage.  On November 1st it will be 1 year.  We are hoping he will be released before that time however.  We miss you Dad, please come home soon!

The candlelight vigil was a great success!  I wanted to thank my mother for all of her hard work, and my husband for his support, my friends, Gary, those who came to the vigil, and the media for their invaluable support and coverage of this and all events related to my father.  It really does help to spread the word about my father's situation.

So thank you sooooo much!!!  We really appreciate all of you very much during this extremely painful and heart wrenching situation.











Free Roy!