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Another recent photo donated by my Dad's friend Kevin Sterling.



My Dad cherished his family and friends. In this picture he is hanging out at a friend's house. It looks like he is having a good time.


A Newspaper Article Written About This Website


Amanda{15mos. and me 4ys)


Amanda (my sister) going down the slide...


Me and my Dad


My Dad and Mom Feb 14 Having Wedding cake


My Mom, my sister, and my Dad (I'm taking the picture) helping me look for a wedding site.


My Dad's Hostage Video

The reason I included these two photos from the video is so that you can see the toll being held hostage has taken on my father.  It is more apparent in the video itself, but these photos say a thousand words.

Another photo of my Dad, pleading for his life.


Here he is one year earlier at my wedding. What a difference a year makes.

This is how my Dad would have looked right before his captivity.  The two pictures above are after.

My husband and I eating dinner with my Mom in Feb. 2005


The Carol Lin Show on CNN

I believe Larry King shoots his show from the same studio.  Here I am lounging after the show was finished.  My mom was taking the picture.

My Mom and I with Paula Zahn (after she interviewed us about my father on her show).


Taken in San Francisco on 6/4/05, when we went to see the Giant's play. My Mom thought that was the Golden Gate Bridge, but it turned out to be a different one.



Free Roy!