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Family memories...the good times...the bad...are what kept me going and what kept my hope alive.



Mom and Dad at Dinner

The Hallums Family

Me when I was around 5

My Wedding in October 2003

Daddy's Girl

Me kissing my Dad

My Adorable Niece & My Dad's Grandaughter

Mom & Dad

Newspaper Article Written in the L.A. Times About My Dad's Kidnapping

My Niece As A Flower Girl At My Wedding

Top part of the article to the bottom left

Entire Article (Excerpt Above)

Published in a Corona (CA) Newspaper

A Closer Look

Me, my sister, and my Dad

Amanda & Carrie (Me)

My Niece with a Lamb

Dad with Leslie S. on 60 mins. (aired Sept.2005)- My Dad's first interview

Picture of My Family taken in September 2005 (a week and a half after my Dad was released).

My Dad being rescued by the Army. He is coming out of the very small, underground room his captors kept him in.


Please Pray For the Release of my Father